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Canoes for the Rio Purus

Dormitory Boat of the Purus River

Where We Work

Communities of Tapauá and Foz do Tapauá, on the Rio Purus, Lábrea Region - AM

What We Do

We expand the work of the missionaries through evangelism and discipleship on the Purus River, with incursions and actions along the river that can last days or weeks. Since it is a completely pioneer work, there are no places for the missionaries to sleep.

What We Need

Boat for Tapauá: R$120.000,00
Boat for Foz do Tapauá: R$ 120.000,00


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Where We Work

Maraã and Várzea Grande, on the Rio Purus, Lábrea Region - AM

What We Do

We plant churches along the Purus River and we are amplifying the work of the missionaries through evangelism and discipleship, with excursions on a day to day basis into the forest. We need to facilitate transportation with canoes that can be easily moored in the villages and pulled onto land at the end of the day.

What We Need

Canoe for Varzea Grande: R$8.000,00
Canoe for Maraã: R$ 8.000,00



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The Caiçara Quad Bike

The Santa Bárbara Church in Maranhão

Where We Work

The Caiçara Community - Parnaíba River Delta


What We Do

Facilitate transportation for the community in case of emergencies and other necessities. There’s no way of accessing the Caiçara Community by boat anymore for the canal which was used to reach it is now too shallow, requiring missionaries and evangelists to go to the nearest village by boat and then hike towards Caiçara. Walking like this takes a long and precious amount of time.


What We Need

A semi-new Quad Bike that can transport people and supplies to and from Caiçara

Estimated cost: U$ 5.400,00




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Where We Work

Santa Barbara Island, São Luís - State of Maranhão

What We Do

Plant a church based on the principles of the bible, in such a way that it grows through its disciples, evangelism, and training of local leaders to expand the reign of God throughout the region - coastal Maranhão and rest of Earth. One of the men who were baptized, Edicarlos, had his life changed by Christ, for alcoholism is common within the community of fishermen but after they meet Christ this and other habits change.

What We Need

- Sound box and 2 microphones, microphone cables, a multimedia projector –U$1.000,00

- 100 plastic chairs (which we borrowed with the consent of a local school) – U$ 1.000,00

- A missionary couple who can live on the island who can lead in the process of planting our church.


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Church Planting in Bailique

Church Planting in Marajó

Where We Work

The Bailique Archipelago - State of Amapá


What We do

We plant churches where there is no evangelical presence. We are currently working in three villages: São Pedro Village, Freguesia Village and Marinheiro de Fora.

What We Need

  • A small boat with an outboard engine (voadeira) to facilitate overall access

  • More missionaries and their sustenance

  • More partnerships with other churches

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Where We Work

The Marajó Archipelago  - State of Pará


What We Do

We plant churches in communities where there is no evangelical presence. We are currently evangelizing the population of four rivers: Charapucu, Camaianim, São Cosmo, Urucum and Prato.

What We Need

- Partnerships with new local churches

- Faster and easier-to-maintain vessels

- Qualified personnel to work with the hearing impaired



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Sailing Good News

Where We Work

Santa Barbara Island, Turiaçu - State of Maranhão

What We Do

In the region of Turiaçu, with eight communities on the islands, we have a missionary family serving in the church planting ministry and implementing the projects for Community development. A boat is the only way of transport and this is the motive for this Project. The acquisition of a speed boat to supply the needs and make the work possible, equipping the missionaries to take the Gospel to these communities. 

What We Need

Aluminum boat

Gasoline Motor 40hp

Life saving Equipment and accessories


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EMAF - National Base


Address: Av. Helena Maria, 381 - Jardim Helena Maria - Guarujá - SP
Zip Code: 11431-080
Phone: (055) (13) 3383-3784

EMAF - Maranhão

Address: Rua Caminho da Boiada, 391 - Centro

São Luis - MA
Zip Code: 65015-560

Phone: (055) (86) 3302-5235 | 98118-0364

EMAF - Amapá

Address: Av. Professora Cora de Carvalho, 728

Centro - Macapá - AP

Zip Code: 68900-040
Phone: (055) (96) 3217-2222 / 9975-1802

EMAF - Piauí

Address: Rua Joaquim Frota Aguiar, 1455 – Dirceu

Parnaíba – PI

Zip Code: 64210-220
Phone: (055) (86) 99984-3409

EMAF - Amazonas


Address: Praça Cel. Labre, 2027 – Centro
Lábrea – AM

Zip Code: 69830-000

Phone: (055) (97) 98104-2180

EMAF - São Paulo


Address: Rua Otília Cardoso de Morais, 221

Ariri – Cananéia – SP

Zip Code: 1190-000

Phone: (055) (13) 3383-3784

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