Be Our Volunteer

EMAF welcomes church teams, seminaries and health professionals who voluntarily work in the fields on weekends, holidays and vacations. To be a volunteer at EMAF, you need to:

  • Be older than 18 years of age, Love God and missionary work.

Travel and food costs will be borne by the volunteer(s) and EMAF will offer the structure for work and accommodation. Each area has its own agenda of objectives and anyone can directly contact the area which they wish to go. We also welcome trainees who stay anywhere from a month to a year in the field.

We have mobilization offices in 4 regions of the State of São Paulo. You can look for our representatives to know more about our missionary work with riverside communities.

Region of Campinas

Pr. Márcio Garcia -


Central Region - West of São Paulo

Guillian Nascimento -

Region of Paraíba Valley

Pr. Roberval Santos -

Region of Baixada Santista - Coast of São Paulo

Pr. Edivaldo Braga -

EMAF - National Base


Address: Av. Helena Maria, 381 - Jardim Helena Maria - Guarujá - SP
Zip Code: 11431-080
Phone: (055) (13) 3383-3784

EMAF - Maranhão

Address: Rua Caminho da Boiada, 391 - Centro

São Luis - MA
Zip Code: 65015-560

Phone: (055) (86) 3302-5235 | 98118-0364

EMAF - Amapá

Address: Av. Professora Cora de Carvalho, 728

Centro - Macapá - AP

Zip Code: 68900-040
Phone: (055) (96) 3217-2222 / 9975-1802

EMAF - Piauí

Address: Rua Joaquim Frota Aguiar, 1455 – Dirceu

Parnaíba – PI

Zip Code: 64210-220
Phone: (055) (86) 99984-3409

EMAF - Amazonas


Address: Praça Cel. Labre, 2027 – Centro
Lábrea – AM

Zip Code: 69830-000

Phone: (055) (97) 98104-2180

EMAF - São Paulo


Address: Rua Otília Cardoso de Morais, 221

Ariri – Cananéia – SP

Zip Code: 1190-000

Phone: (055) (13) 3383-3784

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